TT9 EUL Roster

Welcome to the new era of TT9 Rainbow Six! We are more than proud to announce our new Rainbow Six Siege Roster previously known as pwnz that will be competing in the #EUL Stage 3.

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September 11, 2022

KaijuDoodles x TT9 Esports

KaijuDoodles x TT9 ADVERTISEMENT POST What is KaijuDoodles? A Kaiju Doodle is the entrance to the wide world of preternatural creatures of divine power wandering the Ethereum blockchain. They can be recognised by their colossal size, averaging hundreds of feet in height and thousands of tons in weight. Combining up to 200 different traits, each NFT is made unique. Providing access to the most exclusive events and meetings. Holding can result in unique mutations. Why has TT9 Esports Partnered with an NFT Company? This partnership deal helps with the activation of many future TT9 Projects has planned, including community expansion…

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February 13, 2022

Departure of Kylie

Departure of Kylie TT9 and Kylie have mutually decided to part ways "After many successful months with TT9, we sadly have to announce @xKylieFn will be moving on. From day one it’s been a pleasure to have Kylie and we personally can’t wait to see him grow over the coming months!"Was released on the TT9 Twitter Page COO TT9 Darrel can be quoted saying this: "Absolutely gutted to have to announce this. You’ve been amazing since day one. You’ll always have a home here at TT9"We wish you all the best Kylie, you will always be a part of TT9…

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February 4, 2022

Introducing Ayden

INTRODUCING AYDEN Today on the 19th of January we can happily announce the signing of Ayden. COO of TT9 eSports, Darrel can be quoted saying this:"I’m super happy to have someone of Ayden's level at TT9. Over the past weeks, we’ve been really talking in-depth about the direction, and it’s honestly an honour to have him here. You’ll all be seeing a new side to Ayden very soon!" We are happy to have you onboard Ayden and are hoping for a successful future together!#FearTT9 WATCH NOW  

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January 19, 2022

Departure of Peach

Departure of Peach Last Monday we decided to release Peach from TT9 Esports. "From the very beginning of our competitive journey to now, we thank you for everything you have accomplished during your time here. From today we will be parting ways and ending our journey with @PeachONFN as a Pro Player for TT9 We wish you all the best, always a bear!"Was released on the TT9 Twitter PageOwner and Founder TT9 Burtz had this to say:"Thank you for sticking by us ever since the beginning. You have always represented the brand to the best of your ability and will…

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January 13, 2022

Closing: TT9 Rainbow Six Siege

CLOSING TT9 RAINBOW SIX SIEGE The End of TT9 R6 It is with great regret that we are here to inform TT9 eSports will be halting its Rainbow Six Siege Operations from this commencing day. We had shared multiple memories from the start to the end and would like to spread our gratitude to those who shared the journey with us. Our staff, players and most importantly our community. This does not mean our Rainbow Six Siege doors have closed forever but for now. Sincerely, TT9

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September 6, 2021

Insights into TT9: Player Development

Insights into TT9: Player Development We are working on giving you an understanding of the mechanisms running in TT9 each and every day. Today we talked with Vaquzz. We talked about his work, his tips for your development and how he foresees the future for TT9 & eSports. So have fun with the third part of our series "Insights into TT9"! Enjoy! How long have you been working with TT9? I have been working with TT9 Esports for almost 1 1/2 months now, but I just recently signed the contract. What is the area you specialise in? I have been…

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August 31, 2021

Insights into TT9: Content Department

Insights into TT9: Content Department We are working on giving you an understanding of the mechanisms running in TT9 each and every day. Today we talked with Archie on the TT9 Content Department, what his work is and what will await us in future! So have fun with the second part of our series "Insights into TT9"! Enjoy! How long have you been working with TT9? I initially joined TT9 on the 28th of February 2019! So way over 2 years now and I’ve loved working with the team and watching the growth over the past years. What is the…

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August 16, 2021

Insights into TT9: Fortnite Department

Insights into TT9: Fortnite Department With current top placements of the TT9 Fortnite roster, we decided to interview our Fortnite Manager Snarcksel. How does he explain the success of TT9's Fortnite roster? How does he think Fortnite eSports will develop in the upcoming year? And how can you join TT9? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming article. Enjoy! What is special about the TT9 Fortnite roster? Our current roster currently hosts players from three different countries, each with a different personality and playstyle. I can name several examples of players who grew with TT9, even making it…

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August 4, 2021

Website Release

Website Release After the official release of our Rebrand we decided to take another step, now offering you the TT9 Website with everything about the team, roster and your possibilities to join us! ㅤ The Homepage is equipped with our upcoming games, latest videos & more info about us. ㅤ The About page is filled with information on how the team was founded and a timeline of how changes have been done to TT9. It will be filled with new information in the process of the “New Era”. ㅤ In the Teams section, you can find our Fortnite & Rainbow…

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June 3, 2021