Departure of Peach

Last Monday we decided to release Peach from TT9 Esports.

“From the very beginning of our competitive journey to now, we thank you for everything you have accomplished during your time here. From today we will be parting ways and ending our journey with @PeachONFN as a Pro Player for TT9 We wish you all the best, always a bear!”
Was released on the TT9 Twitter Page

Owner and Founder TT9 Burtz had this to say:
“Thank you for sticking by us ever since the beginning. You have always represented the brand to the best of your ability and will be missed by us all here. Thank you Peach”

COO TT9 Darrel can be quoted saying this:
“All the best for the future @PeachONFN my dms are always open to you!”

We wish you all the best Peach, you will always be a part of TT9 history, stay how you are!