TT9 Esports, known as Team Truculent, is a renowned esports organization headquartered in the United Kingdom, boasting a robust and devoted fan base of approximately 90,000 individuals. With competitive teams in Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite, TT9 Esports endeavors to bring together players from various parts of the world under their esteemed banner. Beyond being a professional esports entity, TT9 Esports prides itself on fostering a familial environment, where the growth and success of its members are prioritized.


TT9 Esports traces its roots to a group of friends who initially bonded over their shared passion for playing FIFA 18 Pro Clubs. The group, which was originally called “AcTiv Clan”, later transformed into TT9 Esports in 2018, was founded by Oliver and his friend after they realized their exceptional talent for playing Fortnite. The name “TT9” was deliberately chosen for its distinctiveness and relevance to the world of esports. Despite its evolution into a professional entity, TT9 Esports remains firmly grounded in its foundation of friendship and camaraderie, continually striving to cultivate a culture of teamwork and collaboration.

Oliver - Founder & CEO of TT9 Esports


Oliver, the founder of TT9 Esports, began by participating in smaller tournaments on Instagram and consistently emerging victorious. He regularly posted updates about his and his friends’ (Pert and Venziix) achievements, which helped to build a small but dedicated following for the team. As he gained more experience and confidence, Oliver began to explore the possibility of joining larger esports organizations. In order to differentiate TT9 Esports from other teams and build a strong and loyal community of fans, Oliver sought to identify what would make the team stand out and be truly unique. He worked hard to develop a clear vision and mission for TT9 Esports that would appeal to fans and set the team apart in the competitive world of esports.
TT9 Esports started out as a project between friends who shared a common dream of being part of a successful esports team. However, the arrival of 2020 marked a turning point for the organization, as it began to take a new direction and grow in ways that its founders had never imagined. That was when the TT9 Esports that we know today came into being, as a team that brought together some of the best esports athletes from England and Europe, all with a shared goal of continuous improvement and success. Through hard work and dedication, TT9 Esports has established itself as a respected and competitive force in the world of esports, always striving to be the best it can be.
By the end of the year, the leadership and management of TT9 Esports had undergone significant changes. Initially, the team was led by a group of individuals who were all based in England. However, as the team began to expand and evolve, it welcomed new members to its leadership team who brought a diverse range of skills and experiences to the table. This included individuals from Germany, who joined the team and helped to bring a new level of international perspective and expertise to the organization. As a result of these changes, the management of TT9 Esports became more diverse and international in nature, reflecting the team’s commitment to inclusivity and excellence.


TT9 Esports places significant emphasis on developing a robust and engaged fan community, prioritizing the creation of meaningful connections over highlighting its own achievements and accolades. Unlike other esports organizations that may prioritize commercial partnerships and impressive performance metrics, TT9 Esports recognizes the multifaceted nature of esports and is committed to offering value to its community. Inclusivity and connectivity are fundamental tenets of the team’s ethos, recognizing that its success is intrinsically linked to its ability to cultivate and maintain a loyal and dedicated fanbase.
At the same time, TT9 Esports remains unwavering in its pursuit of excellence, aiming to attract and nurture the most talented and hardworking players in the industry. The team understands that building a formidable community of fans and supporters is just as vital as assembling a winning team.
In essence, TT9 Esports is driven by a philosophy that champions both excellence and community, striving to unite these elements in a way that is meaningful and impactful. The team’s vision encompasses a range of factors, including connectivity and inclusivity with fans, a relentless pursuit of excellence in its teams, and a commitment to becoming a respected and influential force within the esports industry.
TT9 Esports stands for:
– A commitment to maintaining our winning status
– Providing our fans with a high standard of entertainment
– Focusing on creating meaningful ways for our fans to connect to the team
– Providing opportunities for the average fan to become a part of TT9
– Developing the best and most talented players in the industry



TT9 Esports has a long history of success in the world of esports, beginning with its early successes in the game Fortnite. However, in January 2021, the team decided to take on a new challenge and expand into the realm of multi-gaming. To this end, TT9 Esports entered the world of Rainbow Six Siege, a first-person shooter game, marking a significant new direction for the organization.

Despite facing some initial challenges and setbacks, TT9 Esports remained committed to its vision of growth and success. In March 2021, the team announced its TT9 2.0 Project, which involved a rebranding of the organization with a new logo and identity. This project was seen as a way for TT9 Esports to take another step forward and continue to evolve and improve.

It is clear that TT9 Esports is committed to pushing itself to new heights and continuing to grow and succeed in the competitive world of esports.