Website Release

After the official release of our Rebrand we decided to take another step, now offering you the TT9 Website with everything about the team, roster and your possibilities to join us!

The Homepage is equipped with our upcoming games, latest videos & more info about us.

The About page is filled with information on how the team was founded and a timeline of how changes have been done to TT9. It will be filled with new information in the process of the “New Era”.

In the Teams section, you can find our Fortnite & Rainbow Six Siege roster including our main & academy teams. The Content part is filled with all the info you need including the possibility to watch our content creators streams directly on the website. Do you want to know who is currently in the management of TT9? Check out the staff section to see who makes TT9 run behind the scenes. And if you want to explore every individual player click on them to get more information!

The News section shows what is currently going on in TT9, regularly there will be new articles added for you to read & discover. If you are reading this you have probably already landed on this page, so welcome. 

Do you want to know who currently works with TT9 or how to become a partner yourself? Check out the “Partners” section to find out more about our amazing collaboration with them.


And if you are looking for the TT9 media package, including everything you need for designing something for TT9 or using it in your article check out “Company“, it also offers you the opportunity to apply to TT9, so check it out to see if there are any positions currently vacant.


But we’ll leave the discovery to you!
We invite you to check out the website by yourself & tell us what you think!