Insights into TT9: Fortnite Department

With current top placements of the TT9 Fortnite roster, we decided to interview our Fortnite Manager Snarcksel. How does he explain the success of TT9’s Fortnite roster? How does he think Fortnite eSports will develop in the upcoming year? And how can you join TT9? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming article.


What is special about the TT9 Fortnite roster?

Our current roster currently hosts players from three different countries, each with a different personality and playstyle. I can name several examples of players who grew with TT9, even making it from the TT9 Academy to the TT9 Pro roster, and are still growing with us. The main difference to other teams is that we also give unknown players the chance to grow in a friendly and professional environment.

How would you explain the current success of the TT9 Fortnite Team?

To be completely honest, I got to say that it is mostly because our players finally can use their huge potential leading to very strong & consistent performances.

And what about Malibuca where do you predict him to be in the next three months?

I can see Malibuca as a top-tier player at the top of every tournament. Malibuca and his trio have very good chemistry and they will be someone to look out for in the upcoming FNCS.

What do you think are three qualities that a player needs to join TT9?

I would say motivation, power of endurance and being able to take criticism are a good start.

Where do you see Fortnite in the next year?

I hope that Epic Games relaunches the concept of the World Cup. Fortnite remains an important eSports title and I hope Epic Games thinks the same

What do you think of the enormous fees being paid to transfer a player from one team to another and do you think the current record and maybe even the million mark might be broken soon?

It was only a matter of time, other eSports titles have previously set an example with enormous transfer fees and I do not think it will take long until the record of TaySon will be broken. But I do not think the million mark will be broken in the near future.

Are new pickups currently planned for the TT9 Fortnite roster?

We are always looking out for new upcoming talents helping us grow as a team and the player as an individual.

And if I am interested, how do I prove myself?

Show us what you have got! Show us what of an exceptional Fortnite player you are and that you are spending the time and energy to go Pro! And maybe then we will contact you.