Insights into TT9: Player Development

We are working on giving you an understanding of the mechanisms running in TT9 each and every day. Today we talked with Vaquzz. We talked about his work, his tips for your development and how he foresees the future for TT9 & eSports.

So have fun with the third part of our series “Insights into TT9“!


How long have you been working with TT9?

I have been working with TT9 Esports for almost 1 1/2 months now, but I just recently signed the contract.

What is the area you specialise in?

I have been working as a coach for a bit over 1 1/2 years now, but a few months ago I heard about the position “player development officer”, and as I always wanted to do more and optimise every part of a players life, this sounded like the most suitable position for me. And this is the reason, why I joined TT9 Esports as their Head of Player Development

What is the most thrilling part of your daily work?

The most thrilling part of my daily work is probably when I try out new methods on the basis of the analyses. It feels as if the key you just made fits into the lock.

What makes the TT9 Esports Roster special?

They have a lot of promising qualities, but I would say it is their motivation and work ethic, which is unmatched. Their consistency and reliability make it easier for a coach like me to work with them faster and more accurate. Communication is the most important part of the relation between a player and his coach.

Which qualities are needed to do your job?

Patience and a strong winning mentality in the first place I would say. It can be frustrating if you have to wait longer than 24hrs for an answer to continue doing your work, but in this case, you need to be flexible and patient. I also need to be very confident in a lot of ways. Especially, because I am quite young as a coach and the players I am coaching are the same age as me. And that’s why I need to be very confident about what I am saying and make them feel confident too. These are all very young talents I am working with and I also need to make them focused on the important things and how to be mature.

What tips do you have to become a better player in Fortnite?

There are a lot of ways to improve, but every player is different and has a different lifestyle, which makes it hard to generalise this answer obviously. But I would say that you need to know who you want to be in this industry and where you want to be, although most of the people know what they want, they are looking for excuses not to live their personal “perfect” life, as it might cost them a lot of time and effort. But those of you who are sticking to their principles and keep up a healthy lifestyle and work ethic will most likely succeed in what you are doing. The key is believing in yourself and be capable of criticism.

What does it need to get on the level of a TT9 pro?

To get on the level of a TT9 pro, you do not only need to have consistent placements, you also need to behave professionally on social media and be willing to get the company forward by making content and do voluntary work. You also need to be able to handle any difficult situation professional. Just give it your best and keep grinding, because working smart not hard will always pay off.

How do you think Fortnite esports will develop in the following year?

In terms of COVID-19, it is hard to predict any LAN events, although that would be something a lot of people would like to participate in, I hope we will get something new, such as a league system, which would support organisations more and get the competitive scene a little “twist”. But I also hope to get new tournament formats and entertainment options. Epic Games need to keep it interesting.

What is your secret to success?

As far as I can tell you should just know where you want to be and who you want to be in your life because you can be anyone you like, it’s just your mentality that decides whether you will make it or not. Believe in yourself subconsciously and you will succeed 100%!

What can we expect from the TT9 Roster in the future?

Obviously, we keep improving on any part needed to become the best out there. But if we keep up the grind like right now, I am confident with saying that the people out there can expect to see our company name a lot on the top on the leader board in future events.