Insights into TT9: Content Department

We are working on giving you an understanding of the mechanisms running in TT9 each and every day. Today we talked with Archie on the TT9 Content Department, what his work is and what will await us in future!

So have fun with the second part of our series “Insights into TT9“!


How long have you been working with TT9?

I initially joined TT9 on the 28th of February 2019! So way over 2 years now and I’ve loved working with the team and watching the growth over the past years.

What is the area you specialise in?

I have 2 years of video editing experience however this year I have focused on creating content across all social media’s to make TT9 very unique.

What is the most thrilling part of your daily work?

The best part of my daily work is creating funny/ entertaining pieces of content as well as working with the amazing people we have at TT9.

What makes the TT9 content special?

What makes the content special here at TT9 is the amazing group of content creators we have who are always up for new ideas and trying new things!

Which qualities are needed to do your job?

Qualities needed for my job would be out of the box thinking you need to be hardworking as well as a good communicator!

How important are the TT9 grinders for the job you do?

Grinders make my job even better as we always try when we can to include and give them opportunities to appear and take part in our videos.

If I want to join TT9 as a Content Creator, what qualities do I need?

If you are looking to join TT9 as a content creator you must be hardworking and dedicated as well as have a unique personality and confidence to be able to entertain the viewers.

Where can I apply to join TT9 as a Content Creator?

No need to apply! If we think your content is good enough and you have a passion for our organisation then we will contact you!

What kind of content awaits us in the future?

Content plans for the future are very exciting, with new INSANE montages, and lots of opportunities for grinders to take part in videos!

Any spoilers?

New players. New content creators and chances for ANYONE to join us coming very soon!